IT Digital Skills Assessment

Project client will be able to see the big picture on how to train and manage digital knowledge within the organisation with a clear focus on continuous improvement.

  • Detailed Project Approach

  • Stage 1: Situational Assessment
    Executed by our senior consultant, initiated with kick-off on the project, situational assessment will review all current documentation in alignment with the BLA ruler which includes job description, level of activities, standard operating procedure, process flow, escalation flow and any related documents.

  • Stage 2: Develop Assessment Ruler
    Assessment rulers for core and functional task including the level of task are developed for each BLA ruler roles and submitted for endorsement to kaneka's Management.

    Nature of Assessment:Remote
    Number of Days: 5 days

  • Stage 3: Execute Assessment of Participants
    Assessment will be conducted by our senior consultant for all participants by structured interview based on agreed ruler as per stage 2. The assessment is discussed by our senior consultant to identify and differentiate ICT Knowledge Areas. They came from different perspectives, academic, industry and education yet they jointly concluded to apply a pragmatic approach, consistent with the ISO approach to the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model.

    The assessment is conducted on four dimensions,

    1. Processes and ICT knowledge areas on Enable, Plan, Build, Run and Manage business process areas
    2. Mapping reference e-Competences for each area in adaptation to Kaneka
    3. Proficiency and learning outcome levels of each competency.
    4. Knowledge and skills related to the e-Competences

    Nature of assessment: Onsite
    Number of Days: 6 days.

  • Stage 4: Assessment Report Including Gap Assessment Report Preparation
    Senior Consultant will compile the report based on individual roles including the gaps and recommendations to close the gap. Individual reports can be discussed with individual employees as to the employee knowing their own result and task competency to close their own gap.

    Nature of assessment: Remote and Onsite
    Number of Days: 5 days.

  • Stage 5: Result on BLA Ruler Presentation and Closure
    Senior consultant will present the report and close the project upon acceptance by Kaneka’s project sponsor.

    Nature of assessment: Onsite
    Number of Days: 2 days.

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Timeline for Execution
Key project dates are outlined below. Dates are best-guess estimates and are subject to change until a contract is executed.

Project Timeline and Milestones (Total of 22 Days)

Remote (1 day): Assessment Planning and Readiness
Onsite (1 day): Project Kick-off Meeting
Onsite (2 days): Situational Assessment
Remote (5 days): Develop Assessment Ruler
Onsite (6 days): Interview and Assessment of Participants
Remote (5 days): Assessment Report with Gap Assessment Report
Onsite (2 days): Presentation, Sign-off and Closure


What are the course objectives?

  • Objective
    To assess the organization's current job descriptions

  • Outcome
    Project client will be to see the big picture on how to train and manage digital knowledge within the organization with a clear focus on continuous improvement

  • Output
    Digital Skills Assessment findings and action items

  • Project Deliverables
    Following is a complete list of all project deliverables:

    Deliverable 1: ICT Professional Roles Profile for a maximum of 10 roles individually.
    Deliverable 2: ICT Profiles – eCompetence Matrix (group summary)
    Deliverable 3: ICT Profile – Deliverables Matric based on Accountable, Responsible and Contributor.

Who should take the course?

  • .

Who is your trainer for the program?

  • Mr Gajendra Balasingam
  • Mr Haran
  • Mr Ravi

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  • CIMB Easy Pay (Up to 12 months @ 0% Interest)
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